There are 14 rooms, 10 individual and 4 double.

All rooms are fitted with Wifi.   On arrival ask for the Password.

The Air conditioning is active during the night between 10 p.m. And 1 a.m. And in the afternoon between 2 p.m. And 5 p.m. In order to respect the environment, our common home, as Pope Francis has written in his Encyclical « Laudato Si ».

The rooms are comfortable assuring our visitors of a calm and restful stay.

Individual room

€ 50,00/for night

Camera Singola

Double room

€ 80,00/for night

Camera Doppia

Communal areas

Guests may use communal speces which the Sisters place at their disposition.



Meeting room

Sala Riunioni

TV room

Yard and Parking

Casa per Ferie Cortile

The Chapel

Sunday Mass is celebrated each Saturday Evening at 5.30 p.m.

Particolare della Cappella

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