Communal rules of behaviour for tourists

You are welcomed with our principles and for this we ask guests to:

  To share our ideals and respect Christian Teaching


  To maintain during their stay, behaviour and dress in harmony with the social and religious function of the house.


  To respect the times for arrival and leaving the house and in case of exception when arriving later to inform the Reception if possible.


  To avoid noise which might disrupt other guests or the Sisters, particularly in the afternoons or evenings.


  Not to bring people who are not registered into the house, without first notifying the Direction.


  To respect the non-smoking rule, not to use personal electric irons, kettles etc. in the rooms.


  To notify the Sisters of any problem, breakages etc. placed at the disposition of guests.


  The Direction is not responsible for goods or objects of value of guests which have been left unsupervised in rooms. Valuables may be left at Reception.


  The Congregation is not responsible for damage or injury to guests or those with them whose behaviour has caused the consequence.  Neither is the Congregation responsible for damages following interruptions to services for which are outside their control.

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